A report from TES Zürich

After the summer break, the TES project resumed its series of events with a nice meeting in Zürich, the business capital of Switzerland. In the middle of the technological district of Zürich-West, the nice setting of the 25hours Hotel welcomed a group of participants from Swiss ISPs, hosters and institutions – including Swisscom, Hostpoint, CH Open, Adfinis SyGroup, VTX and the Swiss government’s CERT – and presenters from all over Europe.

The meeting began with the usual set of presentations on the TES project and on the current status of email transport security by Open-Xchange‘s Vittorio Bertola; the issues and features of TLS, DNSSEC and DANE were introduced and explained to the audience. Then, Michael Hausding from Switch reported data and trends about the deployment of DNSSEC in Switzerland, and Halon‘s Anders Berggren went straight into the details and practical implications of DANE and MTA-STS. Finally, Bert Hubert, the Principal of PowerDNS, told the audience a number of less known DNS security threats, including several entertaining real life stories.

After a lively discussion with lots of questions and lots of experience exchanges, as usual, a nice networking dinner allowed the participants to continue their friendly work in front of beers and good food, trying to imagine the way forward together: new experiments, new events, and possibly also a structured Swiss email security project, while TES continues its mission for a more secure email with this week’s Mexico meeting.