Monthly Archives: March 2017

The TES project was featured at the ICANN 58 meeting in Copenhagen, during the DNSSEC workshop that was held on March 15. At the start of the afternoon session, Vittorio Bertola explained to the audience what TES is, and provided some interesting statistics on the adoption of DNSSEC and DANE throughout the world. Much interest


The second TES meeting of 2017 took place last Thursday in the nice setting of the Sofitel Victoria in Warsaw. It was the first TES gathering ever in Eastern Europe, and we were pretty excited about spreading the word about DNSSEC, DANE and proper TLS configurations, end-to-end email encryption and other cutting edge technologies. The


Why would Internet companies sponsor a project like TES? Well, we think that bottom-up, cooperative self-governance is the best way to keep the Internet free, growing and sustainable for everyone, from final users up to those who make a living out of providing Internet services. In this article for ECO‘s international Dotmagazine, our TES coordinator