TES goes east

The second TES meeting of 2017 took place last Thursday in the nice setting of the Sofitel Victoria in Warsaw. It was the first TES gathering ever in Eastern Europe, and we were pretty excited about spreading the word about DNSSEC, DANE and proper TLS configurations, end-to-end email encryption and other cutting edge technologies.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Orange Polska and of all the major Polish hosters:, Onet, Nazwa, Wirtuale and Megatel. The TES project leader Vittorio Bertola from Open-Xchange was joined on stage by Jonathan Delannoye from VadeSecure and Tobias Welander from Halon.

After the usual introduction on what the TES project is and why is it important to cooperate among email providers to increase the level of security of email transport, Jonathan focused on anti-phishing best practices; then Vittorio got back to the main presentation on the TES technical guidelines for email security, and finally Tobias closed with a focus on DANE.

There was a good amount of discussion about how to bring these practices to reality, and many participants expressed the desire to meet again and to start some national cooperation inĀ Poland, involving more players and even the government. Then, everybody was invited to a nice dinner which closed a pleasant and useful afternoon.

We look forward to further meetings in Eastern Europe and in Poland, and for the time being – thank you, Warsaw!