A postcard from Oslo

The Thon Opera hotel in central Oslo hosted the third TES meeting in 2017, the first ever in Norway, on April 27. Our call for more secure email resonated with an audience composed of several hosters and service providers from Norway, Denmark and Sweden, such as TDC Hosting, Runbox, Larsen Data, Nordic Communications, Sentia, Active 24 and VMI.

Similarly to our previous meeting in Warsaw, the audience received presentations by Vittorio Bertola from Open-Xchange, Marcin Romanowski from VadeSecure and Tobias Welander from Halon.

The usual technical matters (anti-abuse practices, TLS configuration, DNSSEC and DANE among others) were mixed with less technical issues, such as the impact of the forthcoming new European general data protection regulation (GDPR), and the effect that the lack of security and cooperation, together with the pressure from big OTTs wishing to capture the world’s email users, could have on the future of all companies in the Internet services environment.

After such an interesting and complete discussion, guests were treated to a nice dinner where friendly exchanges on technology and business, but also on life, the universe and everything, concluded a great day for everyone, with the promise of meeting again in some time from now somewhere in Scandinavia.

In the meanwhile, the TES project moves on and prepares for the next stage in Vienna on May 18. We really look forward to more meetings and better security for everyone!