TES on the Danube

The fourth TES meeting of 2017 was held on May 18 in Vienna, in the beautiful setting of the Millennium Tower right above the river Danube.

The meeting featured a particularly rich program, as the usual TES presentations by Open-Xchange‘s Vittorio Bertola and the deep-dives on anti-phishing (by VadeSecure‘s Marcin Romanowski) and on DANE (by Halon‘s Anders Berggren) were supplemented by two new entries: the CEO of Abusix and co-chair of RIPE‘s Anti Abuse Working Group, Tobias Knecht, discussed industry trends and best practices in abuse handling, while the Team Leader of Research and Development for Nic.AT, Alexander Mayrhofer, reported on DNSSEC and its deployment in Austria. They were joined by the postmaster of the University of Vienna, running Europe’s largest university email system, and by representatives of local companies such as Liwest and Nextlayer.

After the meeting, the attendees could spend a friendly evening together having dinner and exchanging views and experiences, building the kind of networking and positive relationships that can form the roots of good cooperation. A lot of effort is required to make email more secure, but, meeting after meeting, TES continues to carry the torch.