TES at the ETIS Gathering 2017

Every year, ETIS, the European community for telecom professionals, organizes a gathering for its members; attended by leaders and experts from several European telcos, the reunion of ETIS members allows them to share knowledge and best practices in a trusted environment.

This year, the ETIS Community Gathering 2017 in Tallinn, on October 5 and 6, will cross paths with TES. After our initial participation in the ETIS anti-abuse working group meeting in Reading last March, we will again involve the ETIS community with updates on email security and on the progress of the TES activities, as well as with the presentation of some exciting research projects by the TES main sponsor, Open-Xchange.

It will be a pleasure to cooperate with ETIS and with the many telecommunication operators from all over Europe that fill up its membership roll. We look forward to making our contribution to the security of their services, promoting a safe and reliable email experience for all their customers, and learning from the experiences and valuable suggestions of other speakers and participants as well.