A happy new TES year, starting from Stockholm

Yes, we know: it’s Christmas time, and even the staunchest supporters of email security are getting ready to celebrate with their families. However, we just could not wait to announce that the TES project will continue to be with us in 2018, thanks to the continued sponsorship by Open-Xchange and to a few more old and new TES partner companies that work together to make email secure.

And it’s not just that: we are even ready to make a Christmas announcement regarding the first TES meeting of 2018, which will appropriately take place in the Nordics; after the Oslo meeting in April 2017, we will be back to the Swedish capital of Stockholm, where TES already met in 2016, this time complementing the traditional TLS, DNSSEC and DANE menu with newer offerings related to the use of DNS filtering to protect consumer email from phishing and malware.

The meeting date is now set for February 15, and we look forward to the participation by the biggest telco, hosting and email companies in Scandinavia. And, as usual, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form if you want to join the event and take part in this discussion!