From Stockholm to infinity – and beyond!

It has been a while since the last TES meeting in Mexico City, but a new year for TES started successfully a few days ago in Stockholm. It was not the first time for TES in the city, as we already visited the Swedish capital in 2016, but this time, in front of a mostly new audience, we expanded the initial story about TLS and DNSSEC with more technologies and more data.

Ulrich Wisser, from the Swedish top level domain registry IIS, explained how the deployment of DNSSEC is happening in Sweden – one of the countries with the highest penetration of DNSSEC in the world, with around 50% of the domain names secured with digital signatures, and around 80% of the users verifying them.

Anders Berggren from Halon explained all the details on DANE, while Vittorio Bertola from Open-Xchange, after the usual introduction and the deep dive on email transport security technologies, added a brand new presentation on the use of DNS filters to prevent users that click on malicious links from reaching infected websites.

After all these presentations, the group continued the friendly discussion over a nice dinner.

And this was just the first: next Thursday in London, we will hold a follow-up event to the great TES Manchester meeting of one year ago. Stay tuned for more TES meetings in Europe and elsewhere in 2018!