Liberté, sécurité, vie privée

Under this poignant slogan in French, the TES project was featured as a guest in an event by its main sponsor Open-Xchange – a new opportunity to pursue the project’s mission of spreading awareness about email transport security.

On June 14, in the nice setting of the Lavinia winery and restaurant in the Opéra section of Paris, Open-Xchange met with a small group of people from its key French customer and market leader Orange, plus guests from a few other companies including the Dutch XS4all, to discuss email and network security issues.

Led by Open-Xchange’s Chief Security Architect Neil Cook, also author of the original TES guidelines and long-time participant in the project, the meeting included two TES presentations by Vittorio Bertola: the traditional presentation on the current state of email transport security threats and technologies, as well as a presentation on current and upcoming email authentication standards, including ARC and BIMI.

As usual, the meeting was followed by a nice and lively dinner where the best French cuisine, and of course the best French wines, allowed participants to continue the discussion and advance plans to make their email platforms even more secure.

This was the second TES event in France, after the first one in 2016, and as the formula worked well, we expect sécurité to come to Paris again in future years!