It’s extra time for TES in 2018!

In our last update from Japan, we had told you that the TES season for 2018 had ended… but hey, there is never enough email security! So we are happy to announce that we have arranged two more commitments in November.

In the first week of the month we will visit Canada: as a side event to the Canadian ISP Summit in Toronto, we will be individually meeting companies like Hostopia and Telus and introduce a bit of TES. We look forward to organizing a bigger TES event in Canada in the future, and this could be our first step in that direction.

And on November 20, we will be in Sweden again; thanks to the generous invitation by IIS, the .se top level domain manager, we will have an opportunity to offer a replica of the main presentation from the TES meeting in Stockholm that we had earlier this year, as part of the program of the Nordic Domain Days.

We are happy to continue spreading the word about technologies like DNSSEC and DANE, which are continuing to gain adoption. We are already planning the new meetings for 2019, but we welcome any enquiry by hosters, ISPs and telcos that want to be involved in these efforts. See you soon!