Our DANE presentation from Stockolm

As we had already announced, last week in Stockholm we had another great opportunity to advocate the use of DNSSEC and DANE to secure email transport, as part of a special TES presentation during the program of the Nordic Domain Days 2018.

Our presentation raised a lot of attention, and while – as far as we know – no recording of the talk is available, we still want to share the content with anyone interested. This is a good sample of one of the presentations that we usually give at TES events, though this one, given the available time and the specific audience, was stripped of the explanations on how DNSSEC works and of some other parts that we usually include.

But if you want to have a look, here it is; and if you like it, we would love to discuss organizing a TES event near you and to involve ISPs and telcos from your part of the world.