Back to London: old city, new issues

The TES meetings in the United Kingdom have now become a tradition. Every year, usually in London – but with the notable exception of the 2017 meeting at the Old Trafford in Manchester -, the friends of TES meet for updates and discussions on email security. This year is no exception: on the 31st of January, in the heart of the City, the biggest UK TES gathering ever will take place.

However, as things change, also the TES project morphs into something new. In fact, most of the TES presentations have always been on technologies that are based on the Internet’s Domain Name System, such as DNSSEC and DANE; securing the DNS is thus a fundamental pre-requisite for any attempt to secure email transport.

This is why our meetings in the coming year will increasingly turn into broader security roundtables promoted by our main perpetrator Open-Xchange, and will specifically focus on the security of the DNS and on using the DNS for user security.

New industry trends have appeared and will be discussed, such as the DNS-based anti-malware and parental control filtering products that many European telcos are now deploying and actively selling to their customers. However, the main issue of this meeting will be the new encryption protocols for the communication between the user’s device and its DNS resolver. Specifically, DNS-over-HTTPS has stirred quite a lot of controversy, with its deployment risking to centralize name resolution into the hands of a few big browser makers; and we expect this to be the source of lively debate.

Almost all major ISPs from the UK have already confirmed their attendance: companies like BT, TalkTalk, Plusnet, EE and Sky will be part of the discussion, as well as Nominet, a global player like Cloudflare and other vendors, including Scality that will generously sponsor the dinner once again. We are sure it will be a great event as usual, and we can’t wait for it!