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On the last day of January, a new meeting took place in London – the biggest meeting ever in the series that started three years ago with the initial TES event. Over thirty participants from all major UK telcos (BT, TalkTalk, Plusnet, EE, LGI/Virgin Media, Sky), several other players and vendors (Nominet, Cloudflare, F-Secure, Scality),


The TES meetings in the United Kingdom have now become a tradition. Every year, usually in London – but with the notable exception of the 2017 meeting at the Old Trafford in Manchester -, the friends of TES meet for updates and discussions on email security. This year is no exception: on the 31st of


As we had already announced, last week in Stockholm we had another great opportunity to advocate the use of DNSSEC and DANE to secure email transport, as part of a special TES presentation during the program of the Nordic Domain Days 2018. Our presentation raised a lot of attention, and while – as far as


In our last update from Japan, we had told you that the TES season for 2018 had ended… but hey, there is never enough email security! So we are happy to announce that we have arranged two more commitments in November. In the first week of the month we will visit Canada: as a side


Seventeen meetings and almost three years after the TES project debuted in London, it finally got to Asia. Tokyo, the world’s most bustling megalopolis, was last week the setting of a new TES event organized by OX Dovecot KK, the Japanese branch of Open-Xchange, in a towering skyscraper in Roppongi, the city’s most prized and


The summer of TES in 2018 goes all around the planet – and for a project that was born in the heart of Europe, this is a great result. In June, as part of the build-up to the ICANN meeting in Panama, the first TES meeting in Colombia – the third in Latin America –


Under this poignant slogan in French, the TES project was featured as a guest in an event by its main sponsor Open-Xchange – a new opportunity to pursue the project’s mission of spreading awareness about email transport security. On June 14, in the nice setting of the Lavinia winery and restaurant in the Opéra section


The United Kingdom is TES’s favourite country. It is the one where TES meetings are happening more frequently, even if sometimes things play against us: like in February, when the third UK TES meeting had to be postponed at the last minute due to a wave of bad weather that local media nicely dubbed “The


Yes, we know: it’s Christmas time, and even the staunchest supporters of email security are getting ready to celebrate with their families. However, we just could not wait to announce that the TES project will continue to be with us in 2018, thanks to the continued sponsorship by Open-Xchange and to a few more old