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Under this poignant slogan in French, the TES project was featured as a guest in an event by its main sponsor Open-Xchange – a new opportunity to pursue the project’s mission of spreading awareness about email transport security. On June 14, in the nice setting of the Lavinia winery and restaurant in the Opéra section


The United Kingdom is TES’s favourite country. It is the one where TES meetings are happening more frequently, even if sometimes things play against us: like in February, when the third UK TES meeting had to be postponed at the last minute due to a wave of bad weather that local media nicely dubbed “The


It has been a while since the last TES meeting in Mexico City, but a new year for TES started successfully a few days ago in Stockholm. It was not the first time for TES in the city, as we already visited the Swedish capital in 2016, but this time, in front of a mostly


Yes, we know: it’s Christmas time, and even the staunchest supporters of email security are getting ready to celebrate with their families. However, we just could not wait to announce that the TES project will continue to be with us in 2018, thanks to the continued sponsorship by Open-Xchange and to a few more old


After the summer break, the TES project resumed its series of events with a nice meeting in Zürich, the business capital of Switzerland. In the middle of the technological district of Zürich-West, the nice setting of the 25hours Hotel welcomed a group of participants from Swiss ISPs, hosters and institutions – including Swisscom, Hostpoint, CH


We are glad to announce yet another meeting on email security – the first TES event ever in Central America. Thanks to the sponsorship of Open-Xchange and to the efforts of the local partner CITI, the TES conference series will hit Mexico City on September 28, trying to build awareness among Mexican telcos and ISPs