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Open-Xchange along with Halon are delighted to be welcoming you to the Email Security Roundtable at the Old Trafford in Manchester on Thursday January 26th. We will have just under 20 attendees with a mix of Technical, Security and Product Management skilled representatives from a number of ISPs and telcos including TalkTalk, BT, Plusnet, Virgin


Welcome to the new TES website! We thought that it was time to establish a firm presence for TES on the World Wide Web – so Open-Xchange kindly decided to contribute the resources and the manpower to make it happen. This website will act as a reference and showcase for everything happening in the TES


The 2016 TES calendar has come to a conclusion in the beatiful setting of the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, in the outskirts of Milan. The first TES meeting in Italy involved people from several leading Italian ISPs and email service providers, including ItaliaOnline, TIM, Fastweb, Dada and Infocert. Two experts from Open-Xchange – Neil