This is a simple step! There is no cost or formal procedure to join TES.

You join TES by participating in our discussion groups and by implementing the steps that we propose on this website – or better, if you want a technically rigorous approach, by implementing the TES technical standards (available from the documents page), which we encourage you to read; our steps include all the requirements from the TES standards, exposed in colloquial form. You can also subscribe to our blog feed, join the TES Facebook group and follow the TES Twitter account to keep in touch.

If you run the email services of a big ISP, then you should contact us to discuss whether we can invite you to a TES meeting nearby – or maybe we can organize one for you in your country!

Also, for some of the steps that you will find later in this section, it is very important to be part of a broader group of providers that can test their services together, bringing up interoperability issues as early as possible. In some cases, such as for DANE authentication or for end-to-end encryption, having a formalized list of providers that support some technologies can allow you to configure your servers “out of band” and solve complex discovery problems. TES exists to facilitate the creation of such working alliances; it is even willing to run real-time online registries of providers who support certain technologies, to facilitate advance feature discovery.